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Use this six-gang switched extension lead to plug multiple items into the same power source. Each of the six sockets has its own switch, so you can easily control power to each device. The white cable is 2 m long to give you extra reach. It also puts an end to scrabbling around behind furniture in search of a plug.

The extension lead is versatile and can be used for gaming consoles with all their attachments, or for plugging in all your chargers at once. It's also good for plugging in items you only use occasionally, such as cooling fans or extra lamps. Individual switches on each socket let you choose which ones you want on or off at any time, so you're not wasting any energy.

• Six sockets each with their own switch for greater control

• 2 m cable length for connecting equipment in a more convenient place

• 13 A rating

• Fused, changeable plug

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